Laser cutting


Our work is based on laser technology and is thus based on accurate measurement, speed and high quality.

At this time we are using four (4) different kinds of highly efficient machines. Unlike most other companies, maximum dimensions for us are 2000 mm x 6000 mm.

Maximum thicknesses are 20 mm for steel and for stainless steel 12 mm.



We will to laser cut parts according to the plans provided.

The maximum length for a bending part is 6000 mm. The thickness for such a part can be up to 8 mm. For shorter parts thickness can be up to 20 mm.

Our bending department also has a robot, so we can accept long runs and other difficult to handle products. To assure the quality and accuracy of bending products, we model and remote edge all products to be edged.

Welding and assembly


Our welding department produces its welding and assembly services to customers who respect productive and effective welding methods. With us you can focus on your own core business.

Planning and design


We assist on designing, planning and drafting products from models and sketches.

We can also suggest various, cost effective alternatives to increase your productivity in part manufacturing

We will tell you openly if another production technique would be better for you.

Surface treatment


For our clients we provide various kinds of surface treatment services through our large network of cooperating companies.



Various kinds of logistical solutions are near to our core businesses.

The client can request, from the very start, their wishes as to markings, sorting, transportation packages, order of arrival, sending of orders to differing addresses (for example for further refinement), division of the order into different shipments etc.

You can pick-up your order, use your own freight contractor, or our freight services.